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Child of Light sequel, other projects coming

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Child of Light 1

Child of Light wasn’t just a pretty game, it was a beautiful experience. We already knew that the game was considered a success and brought in a profit to Ubisoft, but it seems that money is being reinvested in the universe of the game.

Patrick Plourde, Creative Lead on Child of Light, tweeted out the following:

For those who have been living under a rock, here’s how Geoff described the game in his review:

Child of Light wears its JRPG influence on its sleeve. Though it’s devoid of a spiky-blue–haired androgyne, it’s a coming-of-age tale recounting the ever-enduring human spirit. It’s got a hybrid active and turn-based battle system that recalls fare like Final Fantasy and Grandia. But a JRPG it’s not.

Aesthetically, it’s decidedly European. Bathed in the fairy-tale wonder of the old world and set in the fantasy water-colour world of Lemuria, Child of Light looks like the works of golden-age British illustrator Arthur Rackham come to life. The art design, coupled with the UbiArt Framework that powers the game, make it one of the most beautiful games you’ll likely ever play.

[…] Child of Light’s water-colour fantasy is beautiful to behold – but it’s the constantly rewarding, explorative gameplay that keeps it enchanting.

Child of Light has made tons of people incredibly happy. Plus it’s currently free for Xbox Gold subscribers. And it’s been on ridiculous sales on Steam. You really should just go pick it up and play it if you haven’t already. Then you will see why this is such exciting news.

More than the specific fact that this awesome universe will continue, it makes me happy to see Ubisoft investing in their smaller titles. Those are the games that were best last year; not just the best games from Ubisoft, but offering some of the best gaming experiences that you could get as a whole. The fact that this universe is getting expanded, and who knows how many other projects are in the works, gives me hope for what’s to come from Ubisoft in the coming months and years.

Last Updated: April 14, 2015

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