Child of Light trailer shows off the world

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Child of Light environment

We are now two weeks away from release. That’s right, Child of Light is coming to all consoles and PC at the end of this month, and they are building up that hype to get us excited. This latest trailer shows off the different environments.

Here is the World of Lemuria trailer:

For those who aren’t video enabled, the trailer takes us through a variety of environments. They appear to show off not just different seasons, but also truly varied landscapes to traverse. Plus, having seen that previous video about how they created the sound effects, I couldn’t help but imagine flowers shaking together to make that wings sound. I’m particularly impressed by how much depth and variation they were able to create while still maintaining the watercolor style. Each environment is so detailed, it really does feel like an interactive fairy tale.

I’m not sure this trailer is necessary to win over anyone, though. Yes, I love seeing anything I can from Child of Light – I’m so amped for the game to release already. However, we all knew that the aesthetic was going to be impressive. Already that first trailer was stunning – I would have preferred a bit more insight into the actual gameplay. How is it JRPG inspired? What will we see that makes the actual gameplay as impressive as the environments and sound effects? I have faith that it will be great, but it would be a nice trailer to show off character progression or the leveling system.

Last Updated: April 15, 2014

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