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Sony Needs You… to help them decide on what design/colour the next DualShock 3 will be. It’s a nice crowdsourcing idea that gives all PS fans around the world the chance to submit ideas and then let everyone else vote on them.

Right now the leading idea appears to be a Ghost Recon design but as much as I think Ghost Recon is an awesome game I’d be disappointed to see the winner being based on a game. We have enough of those already so I’d rather something unique and interesting won.

Like how about a controller who’s skin felt like a women’s lower back so you can feel the best feeling in the world while playing your favourite game… too creepy? Well what about a standard casing but with a earthy grass design on it to help us feel one with nature while protecting earth from the Helghast?

If you think you have better ideas or just want to vote on some decent ideas then head on over to the official PS blog to read up on the rules before voting here.

Also make sure to let us know in the comments below what sort of controller you’d like to see.

Last Updated: August 2, 2012

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