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Christopher Nolan Confirms – Inception Game Already Underway

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In my personal opinion as a casual movie goer, Christopher Nolan is possibly the most talented man behind a camera in the film industry today. Yes, I said casual dammit leave me alone.

At the moment it seems like the man can do no wrong, anything he touches simultaneously turns to fan as well as box office gold. If for some strange reason you don’t know who he is, he would be the guy responsible for The Dark Knight, Inception, Batman Begins, Memento and The Prestige.

He has now confirmed that an Inception game is on the way and you know what, it sounds like his do-no-wrong streak is looking as safe as ever.

In an Inside Movies interview with Nolan, he stated that the world he created could be for more than just a single story:

“I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place,”

He then goes onto explain a little bit about the project, saying:

“At the moment, the only direction we’re channeling that is by developing a videogame set in the world,”

I really like that last part, as it seems like Nolan isn’t just one of those money-grabbers that’s trying to score a quick wad of cash off of some crappy video game, also saying that it was “a longer-term proposition” with a team of collaborators.

I loved Inception and I found the entire concept to be chock and block full of story potential. I think these days, gamers can easily see potential for a game in many films, but this one just screamed out to many of us.

It would be especially cool if halfway through the game, Leonardo di Caprio walks into your TV room and tells you are in a game within a dream within a game.

What kind of cool features or elements would you love to see in an Inception game?

Inside Movies via CVG

Last Updated: December 1, 2010

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