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Cities are much more nuanced in Civilization VI

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I already told you that Civilization VI was changing the way cities work. Matty gave us a bit more detail, too. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this video showing a bit more detail should be worth 3 930 000 words. I promise I won’t use that many explaining the video, but you can watch it for yourself here:

I’m really intrigued by the new approach to cities. Instead of just cramming everything in and players can assume it’s all on top of itself, we can really see the city spread out across multiple tiles. Hello urban sprawl! I like that there are districts, so your university, library and research facility are all part of the same campus. It makes a lot of sense, and with buffs for putting them near mountains or forests, it means players can utilize their unique landscapes more easily.

I’m very curious about wonders, though. Typically, I’d end up with one or two cities that were full of wonders. Now, they take up a full tile and have additional requirements. Does this mean I’ll be building fewer wonders, or simply needing to do so more strategically? Plus, if wonders use up a tile, will there be a limit to how many you can build?

The developers are getting a lot of criticism for the new art style, though. With so much going on, I suppose they needed to simplify things, but does it look too much like a mobile game? It’s hard to tell at the moment – I usually play more zoomed out than these videos show, so I’ll be interested to see how it looks at different scales.

Civilization VI will be out in just a few months’ time. I can’t wait to pour hours into this one.


Last Updated: June 22, 2016

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