City building becomes even more strategic in Civilization VI

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Civilization games have typically always had workers. These were civilian units you built to improve the world around you, and, if you’re like me, set to auto-improve and pretty much forgot about, just watching the strategic and luxury resources roll in. I was always aware of where I put my cities, wanting to get as many important and varied resources as possible, but I never really thought too much more about it, letting my workers do all the, um, work. Well, that’s all going to change in Civilization VI.

Here is a new video explaining how builders now work in Civilization:

Okay, so builders can now make things immediately instead of spending turn after turn creating a mine or farm or plantation. That’s pretty cool. However, they have limited uses, so you can’t just build one worker (or get one with your Pyramids) and use it until the end of time. Players will need to think a bit more carefully about how and when they upgrade tiles, especially as there are bonuses for placements of districts near specific tile improvements. This certainly takes strategy up a notch – city placement and upgrades will be much more important, and I’m hoping they show more about coastal cities soon. How will this work on the water? Will there be much point in building coastal cities, or will they just mean that you miss out on important resources from land?

I’m excited about the greater strategy elements, but they certainly might take some getting used to. I’m sure I’ll master it after a few games, though. So that’s what, 20 hours? How does Firaxis do it? How can they suck hours of my life away, and make me so excited and blasé about it?

Last Updated: July 1, 2016

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