Civilisation 5 Demo available now

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StarCraft 2 isn’t the only major RTS being released on PC this year with the second big hitting RTS of the year preparing for release in the next week.

Civ 5 is the next in the long line of the fantastic Civilisation series and at E3 this year we were given a brief rundown of all the improvements that have been made to the title.

In essence if you are a fan of the Civilisation series then you are going to love Civ 5 which holds true to the original ethos of the series and yet brings in some subtle yet big improvements such as now featuring a hexagonal tile to increase your forces mobility.

If you haven’t been a big fan or haven’t tried the series then this is the good news you were waiting for. 2K have announced that a demo is now available via Steam for you to download and give it a try.

I highly recommend it for RTS fans as early reviews are mostly placing in the 90’s.

Last Updated: September 22, 2010

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