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Civilization: Beyond Earth gets launch date

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There are a bunch of games that I’m excited for, and I know the biggest time sink of them all will be Civilization: Beyond Earth. There goes at least another 100 hours of my life as I play through all the various types of gameplay and experience everything each faction has to offer. Now I know when we will get our hands on it, as well as some more details on what that gameplay will be like.

Thanks to this new “inside look” trailer, we know that the new beginning for mankind is coming 24 October 2014. Watch these developers explain why the game will be cool:

The game looks great, and the more I see, the more I need it. Plus, if you pre-order, you can get the Exoplanets Map Pack for free. I have a feeling this game will get a bunch of expansions as well – new scenarios and other adventures. I never really care much about extra map packs, but exoplanets sound pretty impressive.

I like the way that they’ve redesigned the tech tree in this game – it’s no longer a linear progression, but an entire web. According to the developers in the video, you won’t be able to attain all the technologies in one play through; this means that you’ll have to play the game in new ways and directions in order to see what all the tech can do. This will certainly mix up the game and add whole new directions depending on gameplay styles. Of course, this also means that the completionist in me will need to play through a bunch of different times in a whole variety of ways so that I can see what all the different techs do, and if they provide cool new wonders, too.

Are you ready to go into space for the new Civilization? What approach will you take to settling the universe?

Last Updated: July 4, 2014

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