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Civilization Beyond Earth Rising Tide lets you steal territory in new ways

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There’s an achievement in Civilization V to have a victory using only one city. I have that achievement. My city had ridiculous territorial reach, and my culture obviously had even more of an impact. I love buying tiles in Civ games, growing my cities impact and even taking over tiles from opponents because my civilization is just that much better. Civilization Beyond Earth’s Rising Tide expansion adds a new element to this that sounds sort of ridiculously cool.

As part of a recent Q&A, game developers describe how much more fluid territories are thanks to aquatic gameplay.

Wait, so you can sail your aquatic city around the world and take over rival cities’ water tiles? That sounds like an awesome course of action! Plus, it means that coming to sack my capital and get a domination victory will be that much more difficult if I can just sail away. I like this idea.

I’m also keen on some of the overhauling of the covert ops system. I always like sending my spies around the world, but I generally only did the options to steal money/energy or science rather than going for random technologies or military units. Now, with the option to steal diplomatic capital, I can get all sorts of capital against a country and use that to make them do my bidding. Or at least stave off all the random invasions I’m usually subjected to in Beyond Earth.

Is this one of your go-to strategy games? I can always rely on loading up a new Civ game to steal hours of my time, and Rising Tide seems poised to do more of that. The expansion drops next week and I’m really curious to see how these new features lure me back into the game.

Last Updated: October 1, 2015

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