Civilization VI update prevents Gandhi on Gandhi warfare

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Beware of greeks civ vi

I thoroughly enjoyed Civilization VI. It offered a lot of fun gameplay and is poised to be my new time sink (at least, once it is functional on Mac). That doesn’t mean that it was perfect, though – games on this scale always need tinkering, and Civilization VI is no exception. A new update has been released called the “Fall 2016 Update”, and you probably already have it if you’ve enabled Steam updates. So what does it do? Quite a bit.

First up, this update enables support for DX12, so you may need to update your drivers. But it’s not just tech stuff, they also added some all new content:

Today you’re also able to play a whole new multiplayer scenario called “Cavalry and Cannonades,” and settle on two new map types, “Four-Leaf Clover” and “Six-Armed Snowflake.” These maps are playable both online and off, and were designed to encourage more conflict by forcing players to move toward the center.

It’s always nice to have new scenarios, and I like different styled maps, too, even if they are oriented towards more conflict. The list of updates is long and pretty boring, but you can read the whole thing here. I found the most interesting one under the miscellaneous updates, though:

Added a setup option “No Duplicate Leaders” that is enabled by default. This option prevents multiple players from selecting the same leader.

What, no more multiple Gandhis? I suppose that’s best for the nuclear future of the world. Other cool updates include the ability to rename your cities, and improved AI understanding of friendship and war. Hm, I guess that means I need to play it again just to see if I still keep getting targeted for unfair wars. Stop attacking me, I’m just trying to spread my culture and religion around the world!

Last Updated: November 18, 2016

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