Classic cosplay is bizarre

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Vintage mankini

I bow before the gods of cosplay. Some people, including our resident cosplay genius Darryn, are able to craft some truly magnificent costumes to accurately replicate their favorite gaming, comic book, anime or movie characters. But this isn’t a new thing, as vintage cosplay pictures prove.

In the time before camera phones and selfies, there was this glorious time called the 60s and 70s. In it, people did all sorts of wild and crazy things, including dressing up as their favorite characters. I can’t even recognize all of these, and I had to omit some of the ones included in my source article due to the seriously NSFW (and Not Safe for Life) images. No really, if someone can explain to me what this is, I might be less disturbed by it (warning, seriously NSFW). But here are all the family friendly images of adults dressing up as their favorite bizarre creations back in the day.

Are you impressed? Surprised? There are some real winners among them, but also plenty of bizarre creations. I guess this is what costume making was like before the internet was around for us to get info on exactly how to put together our ideal costumes. Let’s all just be glad that there weren’t digital cameras in those times – somehow, I don’t want to see what the after parties were like. That said, I sorta admire the body confidence shown off – not everyone looks slim and smooth, but they are still proudly showing off their creations. I dig that.

Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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