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Claw machines are pretty much rigged, says one operator

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Growing up, I heard a story about a guy with 'bear hands' living nearby.I think it was faux claw.

Although not nearly as popular as big budget games and upcoming releases, Claw machine games still make quite a pretty penny. You can find them outside most cafes and supermarkets, as they tempt you to win a stuffed, something, from their coffers, using the signature claw device. Except most times, that claw happens to be slipperier than a greased up deaf guy. Because quite obviously, the damn thing has been rigged.

Revealing an industry-shattering revelation (citation needed) about the money sucking machines, one arcade owner described the machines as only being able to “pay out” when deemed necessary by the law.

Over in the US of A, the law requires the machine to have a success rate of 1 in every 12 tries for that plushy Godzilla you so desperately crave. Those other eleven times though you try and grab it though? That claw has a grip weaker than a dandy handshake.

“My claw during 11/12 tries will apply 4-6 PSI, or just enough to shuffle it or barely pick it up,” DJ Tec said, describing the force that the claw used when the grab button was activated.

“During the 1/12 tries the claw will apply 9-11 PSI, sometimes picking it up and dropping, some successful.”  Most times, you only need 10 PSI in order to sufficiently grab the toy. “We pay between $.25 and $.50 a pop per toy,” DJ Tec continued.

The Reddit response so far has been quite positive though, filled with all kinds of tricks, that detail how to turn the tables on those devices, something that will no doubt have many a cafe owner throwing Chappies at you in an attempt to get you to stay away from his precious machine.

How about you guys though, any positive experiences with these machines? I’d list mine, but I’m dead certain that I can grab this shoddy imitation Daffy Duck doll if I can find another R5 coin…

Last Updated: July 30, 2012

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