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Clever new additions to Gears of War 3

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With the Gears of War beta just around the corner it’s about time we all put Gears 2 back into the consoles to get ourselves prepared for some Locust crushing glory.

But it’s also important to remember that this isn’t Gears 2 and that they have actually added in a few minor enhancements that can change the game but that you may not have heard about yet.

Bitmob managed to corner Epic’s Rod Fergusson and has come away with these 6 tips that will make you a top notch locust exterminator.

First and foremost I think this is the most important one, if you are hiding behind a concrete mini wall and the enemy is on the other side then don’t waste your bullets trying to blind fire, rather just hit A and your character will jump over the wall and deliver a size 12 boot to his face momentarily stunning him and giving you the chance to finish the job.

This is an awesome addition and should help resolve those Mexican stand offs once and for all.

The next nice addition is stolen directly from Rainbow 6 Vegas, you can spot an enemy by looking at them and clicking the left stick down, this will put an icon over his head that your team mates can see. Which is an awesome way to tell those Xbox Live users without microphones which guy to go for.

There is now also iron sight aiming with the Hammerburst, just click in the right stick to go to first person shooter mode, think Call of Duty.

The one I’m not sure about is Tac/Com where you can hold down the left bumper to see an outline of your team mates through the walls of the map and to identify whether that placement grenade is yours or not… this fells like a cheap addition and I am hoping it won’t ruin the game.

You can also now trade weapons/ammo with team mates but in reality that’s not going to happen very often in the close confines of a MP game.

And lastly the controls are now more intuitive, by this they mean that if you want to revive an opponent you just need to tap X, if you want to reload rather then just hold X. Simple as that but that will make all the difference in the game.

Source: Bitmob

Last Updated: April 13, 2011

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