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Cliff Bleszinski teases with a new video game screenshot

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Cliff Bleszinski, the design brains behind Gears of War, has shocked everyone by tweeting out of the blue that he has been working on a project and attached the following image to the tweet.


Apparently this is a cropped picture but it is quite obvious to see that this is either a painting, digital art or plans for a video game;  and with his history of creating video games I’m going to go with the latter.

Much has been made about what Cliff planned to do after leaving Epic and I’ve been following his tweets for a while, but there has been no sign that he has been working on anything other than his alcohol tolerance and wife. The tweet was quickly followed up by Shaddy Safadi stating that it is surprising how quickly Cliff can get the media to jump. Shaddy owns a concept art business with his last project being the incredible The Last of Us.

So it looks like Cliff has teamed up with some top people to develop a brand new IP that appears to be a post apocalyptic world based in the grand canyon. Or something along those lines. Either that or a Robocop fishing and survival game.

So are you interested to see what Bleszinski publishes or does the man just irritate you?

Last Updated: August 2, 2013

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