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C’mere! Looks like Mortal Kombat is headed to PC

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True story, I need souls to survive. Why, just meeting Geoff for five minutes at the airport last night was enough to get my energy levels topped up, as his emaciated husk of a walking corpse can attest to. It’s also a great line to start a story about how one of the finest fighting games of all time is about to lay the TOASTY on PC.

DSOGaming spotted a Steam Registry update, in which the Mortal Kombat moniker was seen. It looks like all achievements from the console version have also been uppercutted over, although Ed Boon has yet to comment on whether or not the PC will be getting that extra slice of gore.

Released back in 2011, Mortal Kombat is a fighting game that I’m still playing to this day. It’s the perfect cross of old and new school, but with shinier graphics that automatically made it the face puncher of the year.

If you haven’t played it on console yet, you can pick up a Komplete Edition for a decent price these days. And if you’re PC-only with your gaming, then get yourself a controller and prepare to say goodbye to life. Mortal Kombat is going to do a number of fatalities on your social calendar.

Last Updated: April 10, 2013

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