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Co-op Starcraft 2 just keeps growing – introducing Dehaka

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I have to admit it’s been many years since I last played Starcraft 2 and while I was never any good I really used to enjoy playing it. Unfortunately, once the real players got into it I was stomped repeatedly and couldn’t really play anymore. This, unfortunately, meant I missed out on the co-op feature that was added to Starcraft last year and which has really revitalised the game in the eyes of the less competitive market.

Right now, according to David Sum, a Lead Game Designer on Starcraft 2, you can download Starcraft 2 co-op and get into the game with 3 commanders for absolutely nothing.  The full game currently consists of 13 heroes with the latest one added being Dehaka.

Dehaka is one of the Zerg commanders who sounds and looks pretty awesome

The Zerg are known for their ability to adapt and evolve, and no creature desires these qualities more than Dehaka. He grows stronger as the battle progresses, and can be customized to help deal with any enemy you face. His army’s huge array of abilities gives you the flexibility to adapt to anything a mission can throw at you. Dehaka leads his pack with the cunning and ferocity that the Primal Zerg represent.”


Starcraft is also being upgraded with seasonal events as well as skins, portraits, sprays and decals which has become a standard for pretty much all Blizzard titles.

One of the things mentioned that did surprise me, however, is that according to Blizzard all money that is earned from players buying warchests will be directed to their Starcraft esports initiative. Starcraft was probably one of the first, if not the first esports title that really hit the mainstream, so the idea that they are trying to reinvigorate the esports aspect of Starcraft was a bit of a surprise.

It feels like every single multiplayer game of sorts at the moment is desperate to break into esports and basic logic tells us that most will fail as the industry is only so big.

During the Q&A section after the round table a question was raised regarding when we can expect to get some more single player content for Starcraft, but unfortunately, it seems that Blizzard isn’t interested in the single player aspect of Starcraft anymore with no new content on the horizon at all. All efforts are being put into multiplayer, co-op and esports right now. That’s a pity as I’m definitely more interested in the single player side of Starcraft, than the multiplayer where I’m well aware of my limitations.

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Last Updated: August 30, 2017

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  1. Neji

    August 30, 2017 at 12:13

    If Blizzard really wanted my money, then they would release a Rick and Morty announcer pack.


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