COD:Ghosts' new narrator is in the hiz-ouse

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Snoop lion

Narrators are important. Just look at indie darlings Bastion, The Stanley Project and Thomas was Alone – they’d be way less awesome without those epic narrators. Now, Call of Duty Ghosts is getting a new narrator DLC, and it will take your gameplay experience to the next level. Fo Shizzle.

That’s right, Snoop Dogg (or are we calling him Snoop Lion now?) was commissioned by Activision to replace the standard overlay in multiplayer matches. There’s also an R. Lee Ermey voice pack planned, so you can have a drill instructor shouting at you instead. Snoop will be coming to Xbox One and 360 on 22 April for $3 – other platform dates coming soon.

Of all the voice choices, this may seem strange, but I think it makes sense. You’re not going to get Morgan Freeman to narrate your COD multiplayer experience. That would just be far too reassuring. No, you need a drill sergeant to push you. Of course, it could also be loads of fun to go totally noire or sci-fi. Imagine if they made it go fully black and white, and it starts with some cool “She was a broad unlike any other” and some piano in the background? Okay, maybe that a bad idea.

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Are these the sort of DLC that you guys buy? They’re cheap enough, and might be worthwhile just to hear Snoop Dogg/Lion shout when you land that perfect headshot. That said, I’m not entirely sure how much value it really adds to the game – now, if I could have that Bastion narrator, it’d be a different story.

Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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