COD:WAW tops the UK Charts – Resistance 2 comes in at 10

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The latest sales charts in from the UK have some interesting stories to tell.

Call of Duty 5 is proving that the public doesn’t really care who is developing the game and whether or not it is based in World War 2 again. The game appeals to many people and is accessible enough that a lot of consumers are all too happy to pick it up and give it a go.

In the same vein, I am not too happy about the fact the Need for Speed: Undercover is sitting in second place. The fact that the game is still getting good sales is only going to let EA know more than ever that they can take huge shortcuts and make a really low quality game and still get away with massive sales due to a recognisable brand.

What is really interesting is that Resistance 2, the supposedly almighty PS3 exclusive is only sitting at number 10. Why is that?

Well, I was actually very interested to find out that Resistance 2 had only been on sale for a day when the chart was released, which means that the day one sales were probably looking pretty strong. It seems that the UK is also experiencing distribution issues so that may factor into the charts as well.

It is interesting to see that so many other recent popular titles are not in the top 10 although it was interesting to see that even though it is so far down the line, Mario Kart Wii is sitting at a very respectable 4th place.

Source: Videogaming247

Last Updated: December 2, 2008

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