Coke Invades Home – Do you people really want this?

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Coke has announced it will start placing vending machines around home that vend stuff… If you even remotely care about that then I would like to know why?

Just look at the official picture above that was distributed with this momentous announcement, it’s a vending machine with 3 terribly designed avatars having some sort of medical fit next to it.

What part of this could possibly appeal to you? Why would you waste the time, energy and bandwidth to connect up to a virtual world that isn’t a game to wander around and repeat the same dance moves that everyone else can?

Does anyone want this? And by this I mean the entire home experience of wandering around large advertisement parading as rooms, customised apartments that you pay real money to decorate, virtual queuing for dodgy arcade titles and a pretty poor attempt at virtual socialisation?

For the love of sanity and society please push the entire thing under a bulldozer to written off as a bad dream.

Source: Joystiq

PS: This isn’t a I hate Sony thing, this is a I hate stupid online worlds with no point thing.

Last Updated: September 8, 2009

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