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Collectables Corner – Stark Week

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Shark Week? Please, who needs a tacky themed week of dubious science centred around a primal carnivore of the seas, when there happens to be some sexy Iron Man armour on display? Right here, it’s Stark Week, so sit back and admire some of the best prosthetic armour to fly off of shelves.

First up, we’re looking at the good old Mark III armour. Before Tony Stark had a panic attack after realising that he almost died when he flew a nuclear bomb into an outer space alien armada hell-bent on invading the planet, he had this kickass suit. Based on his 2008 appearance, this one sixth scale action figure is made out of diecast metal materials to offer a more realistic look that packs plenty of details. It has LED lights, a professional armour paint job and various accessories.

Such as a stand, interchangeable hands, the decapitated replica head of Robert Downey Jr, rockets and other various weaponry, light-up repulsors and removable armour. Standing at a height of 30cm, this particular piece of Iron Man armour will set you back $309.99 when it arrives in July 2015.

If that’s chump change to you however, here’s something which might interest you: A life-size bust of the Mark 42 armour. For $999, you get a  1 to 1 scale replica from Legacy Effects themselves, that weighs in at over 15 kilograms or 35 pounds. The prodigal son also has plenty of lights, and is made from the moulds that were used in Iron Man 3 to create the actual armour, meaning that this is a piece of real deal art that you’ll have on display. It’ll be shipping out in January 2015, and is limited to just 1500 pieces.


And last but certainly not least, we have some good old fashioned muscle in the form of the War Machine armour, that sports a brand new look. Also made from diecast metal materials, the mark II War Machine is designed to be more realistic, a black and grey paint job, light-up functions and a machine gun that rotates. Which is totally awesome.


There’ll also be the usual extra appendages, light-up repulsors, 36 points of articulation and of course a stand with which to place your war machine on. That’ll run you around $284.99 for this 30cm tall figure, who is available right now. And way, way cooler than sharks, amirite?

Last Updated: January 4, 2017


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