Colourise your Black Ops Clan Tag – without Prestige

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Are you far to lazy or incapable of getting to a 13th level Prestige yet you really want one of those coloured gamer tags?

Well if you are a PS3 gamer then this may be your lucky day as someone has found a work around to it that is still possible but expect this to be fixed pretty soon.

Unfortunately if you are an Xbox 360 owner then you are going to have to skip this one whilst muttering under your breath about this being a hack and completely immoral.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the multiplayer option and select "PlayStation Network"
  2. Once there toggle to the right and select your gamertag. Then press the Click here to enlarge
  3. Now you are back in the multiplayer menu, choose ‘local’ and then ‘split screen’
  4. When you get here toggle up and press Click here to enlarge . Now you are in the gamer card menu.
  5. Then go to your clantag and there you can change your colour
  6. When you’re done, return to the "PlayStation Network" section and you’ll see the colour you chose is retained.

Remember it’s highly likely they will patch this soon and your glorious colours will then be gone so don’t go whining when that happens.

Source: PS3-sense

Last Updated: November 22, 2010

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