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Combat, maps and brutal finishers in first 15 minutes of The Witcher 3

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The Witcher 3 has entered into an agreement with IGN to show off all their new stuff first, much like Bloodborne did last month. While it makes me sad that they get things before us, at least it gives me time to dissect it for you.

Here is the actual video:

For those who don’t watch videos, or would like some further information, it shows the first 15 minutes of gameplay that takes place after the opening cinematic. Opening on Geralt talking with Vesemir (the oldest and most respected Witcher of Kaer Morhen), it sets the scene for Geralt looking for Yennefer. Of course, the countryside is ravaged by war, leading to ghouls and other enemy appearances.

Witcher 3 ghouls

The combat is still familiar to those who played previous games, although it does look more fluid than it did in previous titles. With the required dodging (later Geralt is killed by roving enemies, showing just how difficult the combat can be) and mix between swords and spells, it appears extremely tactical and challenging. While it doesn’t copy Dark Souls, it certainly has a similar feel about it.

Witcher 3 crossroads

Moving through the countryside, there is banter between Geralt and Vesemir – about the war, Yennefer, and whatever else pops up. As they travel, they encounter a Griffin attacking a horse. They help save a man and you can choose if you want to ask for a reward or not. The man later helps direct the pair to the local inn where they may find news of Yennefer.

Witcher 3 contracts

However, like any good RPG player, Geralt opts to look at side missions and quests rather than pursue the main story line. He even goes so far as fast traveling to another point on the map to pursue that aim. Here we are treated to some cool mounted combat as well as impressively gory combat finishers.

Witcher 3 finisher

The scale of the game is massive, something we will look at more closely when we dissect the map which was also revealed. However, what I like is how alive the game feels. Sometimes Geralt talks with his companion, but it’s not constant chatter. He even mutters to himself when alone, but not in an obvious way. Players can take in the scenery or run around questing depending on their play style of choice. I think many players will get lost in the adventure, while plenty of others will follow the intriguing story line throughout.

Witcher 3 bram

While the game is looking great, it certainly doesn’t look as impressive on Xbox One as the footage we’ve seen captured on other platforms. Sure, it will be gorgeous and playable, but it just isn’t as overwhelmingly awe-inspiring as some of us may be used to.

Last Updated: April 7, 2015

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