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Combined might of the Internet is terrifying–Portal 2

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Are you one of the many Portal 2 super fans? The guys who spent hours and hours decoding strange clues emanating from Valve’s offices prior to the game just so that you could get Portal 2 a couple of hours before anyone else?

Well then this Portal 2 easter egg is for you.

Valve have included a secret room with an incredibly irritating noise in Portal 2, this noise however can be decoded into 3 images which explain the ARG promotion that Valve run.

The parts I found interesting in this were the following

  • ARG promotion had a budget of less than $100
  • Phone number was valid and tied to a 2700bps modem linking you to a BBS
    • Seriously do you remember these things?
  • The phone number was at one of the developers houses because Valves phone system was to modern to work with modems
  • Valve estimated it would take 7 hours to solve the problem, it took 7 hours and 16 minutes

You can check out more information here and through the video below.

These are the images that you could decode from that sound.


Last Updated: April 20, 2011

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