Community Giveaway: Civilization Beyond Earth

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Civilization BE

I played and reviewed Civilization: Beyond Earth and I fully intend to pour even more hours into the game. But I know a bunch of you are excited for the game to launch. Some of you might be planning on waiting for the Steam Sale, but one lucky winner won’t have to wait.

Remember back when I went to Gamescom and wrote about my hands-on with the game? The comment section had one of my favorite interactions as Brady Miaau told us he was hoping his wife would buy the game for him. She even commented to say that all our positive comments about Brady had convinced her that he deserved it. It was a triumphant day for all our regular commenters, and made me smile for ages. Now Brady wants to give back to this wonderful community – we’ve got a gift copy of Civilization: Beyond Earth to give away!

Now, in order to keep this focused on our awesome community, we are making the competition ridiculously quick. Enter with comments, and we’ll do the draw this afternoon at 2pm. That’s right, you don’t have much time, but you could be playing Civ all weekend.

So, comment quick – why do you love lazygamer, why do you love our community, and why is Brady’s wife so cool? Whatever you like, as usual… it’s not like we pretend to be able to control your discussions anyway. Multiple entries welcome, but time is limited so hurry up.

Last Updated: October 24, 2014

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