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I write a lot about the MSSA and some of you feel it is because I have a personal vendetta or I’m simply a man on a mission about it so I thought I’d post you a snippet of my personal Skype chat with someone who tipped me off to something yesterday.

It all started at 10:35am yesterday morning

Secret Informant: Just wanted to put it out there that the team being used  did not all qualify through nationals or rather… did not qualify through the League of Legends qualifiers the team being used is using Dota players who have no League of Legends experience whatsoever

Gavin Mannion: (facepalm)

Secret Informant: 2 of the players, including our Dota 2 national captain…

Gavin Mannion: so Anthony’s in the LoL team as well?

Secret Informant: I do believe so you would have to verify (I did), but that is what I am hearing

Gavin Mannion: ergh it just feels so pointless.. the MSSA don’t care what anyone thinks

Secret Informant: Even so, I think the community deserves to know these things so they don’t actually waste their time watching, Especially as we get stomped because we have players who haven’t even played the game

To be honest I still don’t actually want to even get into this; we’re as tired of this whole fiasco as many of you are.  I spoke to Anthony Hodgson, DOTA 2 team captain, about this and he has confirmed that he and one other Bravado player is playing in the LoL team because they didn’t have a full, eligible League of Legends team to play against Israel and Denmark and DOTA 2 is the closest game to LoL.

Doing my duty I shot off an email to Colin Webster, President of the MSSA, and at the time of going to press I have not yet received any answer.

From what I’ve been able to find out – still waiting on official confirmation – there were no League of Legend trials and the reason two Bravado people are in the team is because the two people previously selected are not in possession of a valid passport (in accordance with SASCOC rules), and were not given enough notice to get a passport.

What I’d love to know is whether or not there are other LoL players in the country, who have a current passport, who are better than these stand-ins?

Interestingly this LoL match is being held on Saturday at the same time as our planned matches for Energy and Bravado to play the Mexican teams. Energy have confirmed they are still up and ready to play but Anthony doesn’t feel Bravado has anything to prove and they can make a team up to compete or we can get someone else.

So I’m thinking we just change this to be the best South African team against the best Mexican team. Energy dominated at rAge this year to the delight of their sponsors, Steelseries, Monster, Proline, AMD and IS Gaming.

I honestly believe this professional team setup with solid backing will put our best foot forward against the Mexicans and truly represent what local eSports is all about. Details for the live streaming will be posted later this week but make sure to keep Saturday 7pm free for an entertaining livestream.


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[Update] I just received this anonymous email

Pro-tip, although your war with the MSSA seems to be on hold, you may find it interesting what the MSSA are planning to do with regards to League of Legends and a certain tour to Romania…

So yeah it seems that people do care. Also we are not at war with the MSSA, I am simply reporting on something that I am seeing which doesn’t sit right.

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Last Updated: October 8, 2013

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