Here are all the confirmed leaders for Civ VI so far

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Civilization VI is coming, and I have some mixed feelings about it. There are new mechanisms for cities that sound really intriguing, and plenty of promises that this iteration will be way more interesting for culture players like me. And I like the art style when it comes to how the map is revealed, but the rest of it just looks far too cartoon-like for me. I’m happy that they made units and building more stylized and easy to recognize from a distance, but it really is making the game look like a mobile title. Similarities with Clash of Clans just don’t sit well with me. But there’s more to Civilization than the art style – there’s all the glorious history.

Part of the joy of the game is taking on the role of a specific civilization, and then encountering the various personalities from other civilizations across time. How else could I have waged war on George Washington (who was allied with Montezuma) as Ghandi? 2K keeps showing off a new civilization, and it can be hard to keep track. So, here are all the leaders that we’ve seen confirmed so far in video form along with their unique units and buildings.

America: Teddy Roosevelt

England: Queen Victoria

Egypt: Cleopatra

Japan: Hojo Tokimune

China: Qin Shi Huang

Aztec: Montezuma

France: Catherine de Medici

Brazil: Pedro II

Scythia: Tomyris

Which one looks the most intriguing to you? So far, I’d probably try out the US and France first. I like the cultural stuff and espionage sounds interesting. I just hope that they toned down Montezuma’s war mongering a bit – he always used to declare war on me at the drop of a hat in previous Civ games. Do you strive to beat the game with every leader? I usually have as part of my achievement hunting, but my OCD is no match for the ridiculous number of achievements in Civilization games.

Last Updated: August 8, 2016

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