Congo Kyle to be South African eSports’ next big thing

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South Africans are putting our eSports scene on the international radar, and not just with some of our very talented gamers. One of our, if not our most popular Dota 2 shoutcaster Kyle Wolmarans is kicking off his career with a bang; which leads me to believe that he could become South Africa’s next gaming celebrity.

Typically our competitive players get all the coverage and all the attention for their talents, but our shoutcasters remain the unsung heroes of the scene. That’s about to change. Kyle “Congo” Wolmarans, known for his shoutcasting in the Do Gaming League as well as the SECS has obtained a SteelSeries sponsorship as a shoutcaster and has reached out to the international community for support. Some of you might even recognise his name as one of the shoutcasters at this year’s most amazing StarCraft 2 Invitational, which was presented to us by eSports driving forces in South Africa such as Megarom and Internet Solutions. Whether you know it or not Mr. Wolmarans, you have just inspired yet another great change in our eSports community.

It all starts with the announcement Wolamarans made on his Facebook fan page a week ago:

I’ve got some awesome news guys! I’ve officially been sponsored by SteelSeries South Africa! Looking forward to working with a company who share the same passion for eSports as I do! I’m looking forward to my future and the future of South African gaming! Thanks for all the support guys! Without you all tuning in I’d actually be nowhere ;_;
Keep safe and remember hard work pays off!

Kyle Congo Wolmarans

I could be wrong, but since I’ve been a part of the local eSports scene (2009), this is the first time I’ve seen a local shoutcaster obtain a sponsor, let alone a sponsorship from a big brand like SteelSeries. Yesterday, Wolmarans posted a request for support on Reddit, introducing himself to the international community, I don’t think he realised that he’d get such a great response. Gamers from all over the world have made positive comments on his thread. This morning, he woke up to yet another big surprise, something which will not only boost his career, but influence MyGaming and Polarfluke’s Dota 2 SECS significantly. Twitch TV has shown interest in promoting the tournament, US TPL (The Premiere League) shoutcaster David “Blaze” Dillon has also shown interest in Wolmarans’ shoutcasting.

“So I wake up by accident and check my phone only to see a message from Twitch TV wanting to promote SECS, Blaze from TPL and a DotA 2 league interested in me casting! Could this be my moment? :D” said Wolmarans this morning.

Could this in fact be his moment? I have a feeling it just might be exactly that. So show this man some support by checking out his Facebook page and Twitter. You can catch him shoutcasting some SECS games on Sunday evening on Polarfluke’s TwitchTV.

Last Updated: April 18, 2013

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