Nathan-StatiC-AndersonOver the weekend our very own local StarCraft 2 magician, Nathan Anderson ‘StatiC’, was in Bucharest to represent our country in the world-renowned DreamHack tournament.

Nathan, who plays for local team Veneration, currently leads the DGL (Update: Currently 3rd in the DGL) and as such is the obvious choice to send to represent our country. Unfortunately Nathan found the challenge to be a bit harder than expected going down two losses in a row to Rez from the Netherlands and Niroxs from Switzerland.

However he did fight back in his last match against Shinersen from Romania, claiming some pride back from our loss earlier this year, to record his first victory. Unfortunately that single win was not enough to get him through to the next stage and he was knocked out at the group stage.

Nathan’s experience was down to a fantastic sponsorship from MWEB who covered his costs to get to Bucharest and represent us all on the international stage. The MSSA also gave Nathan his Protea colours for eSports before he left for the event.

It’s nice to know that if you put in the hours and have the skills, you can get the backing to pit your skills against the worlds best.

Unfortunately I cannot find the full results of the tournament to let you know who actually won the thing.

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Last Updated: September 16, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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