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Congratulations to a South African making it big in gaming

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We rarely talk about other gaming sites for some obvious reasons but there is no way we can let what was announced today pass without mention.

We’re proud of what we do at Lazygamer.net and how we’ve managed to make a small mark for ourselves in the world of gaming internationally but we’re far from being the most successful South Africans in the world of gaming.

That title may now sit with one Ludwig Kietzmann, a Johannesburg native who started writing for Joystiq before most of us knew what the Internet was and who has made his way up the chain of command of the AOL owned operation over the last few years.

Today, or yesterday, it was announced that Ludwig has been promoted to Editor in Chief of one of the largest gaming sites on the planet.

The interesting thing here is that Ludwig has managed to do all of this from his home down the road which truly shows the power of the Internet in destroying geographic lines.

Unfortunately with his new position they want him to move to America to be closer to the rest of the team and the action, it’s understandable and is also obviously a massive chance for Ludwig to continue his career.

Who know’s maybe one day we’ll overtake you in hits and you’ll move back to be closer to the action along with every other gaming developer on the planet… yeah we can dream can’t we.

Congrats Ludwig I hope things go exceptionally well for you over there.

PS: Seriously you’re famous now get a decent image onto Google that we can use instead of making terrible montage posts.

Last Updated: December 28, 2011

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