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[Update] The Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t need a key on consoles.

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[Update] Bethesda says there won’t be a key used for verification, with the game requiring naught but the disc to run. SANITY PREVAILS!

“The physical console version of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited does not require a one-time game code, as with any other boxed PS4 / Xbox One game only the game disc is needed for verification. Any previous statements counter to this were incorrect.”

As the previous headline “Console gamers won’t be able to resell the elder scrolls online” isn’t factual, the headline has been updated.

Original story follows: 

If there’s one major benefit to console gaming (because let’s face it, that “put the disc in and play” stuff is no more), it’s that gamers can sell of the games they no longer want or are unhappy with, and use that money to fund new game purchases. It’s the sort of thing that keeps places Gamestop and our own BT Games ticking. The Elder Scrolls Online – rebranded as Tamriel Unlimited – is soon coming to consoles. As a heads up, you won’t be able to sell it off.

This sort of thing would come as no surprise to the average PC gamer, who understands that when you buy a game – especially MMO ones – what you’re buying is actually the key on the box, and not the content on the disc. That will happen with the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the massively multiplayer Elder Scrolls: It’ll come with a one-time use key that can’t be transferred, rendering the disc useless to anyone else. Here’s what an admin on the Elder Scrolls Forum had to say about how the game’s licencing works.

To clarify, you will need a unique game registration code in order to play the game, and used copies will not be eligible to receive a key if the code has already been redeemed. It works the same way as the PC version in that the code included in the box is to activate your ESOTU account and the discs are for installation purposes. If you own the disc but don’t have a key, you’ll be able to install the game and reach the login screen, but you won’t be able to log in and access the game without an active ESOTU account.

As I said, this is essentially how PC games have worked for the past many years, but could end up being a bit of a shock to console gamers. Hopefully Bethesda mitigates this by offering 7 day trial accounts or something, that allow people to play for a bit before putting down their money. Since its rebrand, the game no longer requires a subscription, so you’ll be able to play it for as long as you like once you buy the licence.

Last Updated: May 15, 2015

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