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Console Hardware Sales From Launch

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Console Sales Figures There has been quite a heated discussion recently about console sales figures and who is in fact winning this race. Actually we all know the Wii is winning but the big battle is who is coming second.

So let’s get the over ruling fact out of the way. The current overall sales figures for this generation are as follows

Wii  – 22.61 Million
360 – 17.58 Million
PS3 – 10.90 Million

The exact numbers might be slightly different but the fact of the matter is the Wii is winning, the 360 second and the PS3 third. What makes it even more impressive is the 360 had a years head start on the Wii and is already lagging behind by 5 million units.

However let’s get to the fanboy maths figures

The image above is a chart of all hardware sales with the launches aligned, so we can see from that that the Wii is miles ahead and that the PS3 has in fact sold more since launch than the 360 had in the same period. This is purely down to the fact that the PS3 has been more popular in Japan and Europe while the 360 has consistently beaten it in the US.

Why do you think we have just had a major price cut in the EU? Microsoft are trying to win that ground as they have lost Japan, hell they were never even in the fight in Japan.

Here are the overall sales figures by the 3 main regions. We fall into Europe

360 – 11.23 Million
Wii  –   9.80 Million
PS3 –   4.30 Million

Wii  – 7.26 Million
360 – 5.76 Million
PS3 – 4.61 Million

Wii  – 5.55 Million
PS3 – 2.00 Million
360 – 0.58 Million

So you can make your own assumptions up about that. The two big things that I see are the fact that the 360 is actually still leading the Wii in the States and that the Japanese really do not like the 360.

If you want to compare hardware sales since launch by region then follow the link below and have a play around, you will notice that the 360 was very quickly overtaken in Europe.

VGChartz.com | Hardware Sales From Launch

Last Updated: March 19, 2008

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