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Console versions for Battlefield 3 getting smaller MP maps

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Quick console gamers, get up in arms about this news! Your version of upcoming “ooh-aah” fest Battlefield 3 will feature smaller multiplayer maps. The horror!

Indignation out of your system? Great! Let’s carry on. The PC version of Battlefield 3 is already getting extra love, as was made clear a few weeks ago. Now, the console releases are getting diminutive versions of the same multiplayer maps that appear in the PC version. Why?

It’s simple, and makes total sense: the amount of players in an online multiplayer match on consoles is limited to 24 players. On PC, the player limit is 64. Therefore, in order to ensure that console gamers aren’t running around over-sized and empty maps, they’ve shrunk the playable area.

According to Eurogamer this only applies to the ground skirmishes in multiplayer maps; aerial matches will have the same size maps across all three versions of the game.

It’s a good compromise and DICE is clearly making sure that both console and PC versions are optimised.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: March 25, 2011

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