Control the Ring of Power in Shadow of Mordor’s new DLC

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The Bright Lord is coming to Shadow or Mordor

Shadow of Mordor was a surprisingly incredible game last year. It was so good that it managed to claim our top Game of the Year honour, and I can’t really fault it in too many places. One gripe I did have with the game though, was how it dealt with ring creator Celebrimbor, and how his story with Sauron was not explored deeply enough. Good thing there’s now DLC for that on the way.

While Shadow of Mordor’s previous hunting-focused DLC was a bit drab, the next bit sounds far more enticing. Titled The Bright Lord, this story campaign takes place thousands of years before the events of the main story, and at a time where Sauron’s forces were quickly building strength. You’ll play as the master archer and ring maker himself, who is set on a path to destroy Sauron before he can truly utilise the One Ring of Power.

While the game fundamentally won’t change, Celebrimbor is vastly different to Talon. He’ll be a more adept archer, with access to a new rapid-fire bow, which means you’ll probably want to engage from a far greater distance than you’re used to. Having made the Ring of Power too, Celebrimbor will be able to harness abilities granted from the Ring – such as being able to drain health from followers during battle.

The Bright Lord will take place in an altered version of the Uden Valley. Buildings that were destroyed in Shadow of Mordor will now only be under construction, to show just how far ahead The Bright Lord is. The level cap will also be increased to 25, and Warner Bros. has promised a far better finale than the original story. After all, you’re going toe to toe with Sauron himself; it better damn well be epic.

There’s no date on The Bright Lord just yet, but you can secure entrance by purchasing the Shadow of Mordor season pass, which is currently $25.

Last Updated: February 20, 2015

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