Controllerhead apologises for AGDQ controversy

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In a nice outcome from last weeks AGDQ controversy, Controllerhead has publicly apologised to the woman he sexually harassed, as well as cyghfer’s console which he damaged. He apologised both in the Lazygamer comments on the original article and in r/speedrun on Reddit. He is also stated he is going to AA to deal with his alcohol problems.

From Lazygamer comments:

“first of all, sorry about all this. i am an alcoholic with a real problem.

i still had a great time, and it was a pleasure to meet all of my friends.

also i apologized to cyg and told him id buy him another NES, or even give him my own. even before he knew about it. ask blechy, he led me to his room. he lives close to me so, this can still be arranged.

i donated $200 to sn0wtigers personal Paypal account, as well.

my regretful behavior was a little reckless, but im actually a pretty loyal and nice guy, at least to my friends.

again, sorry about all of this =(“

From Reddit:

“Issuing a public apology to you. I don’t remember what happened. Anyway i donated $200 to your paypal account.

i dont know if this makes up for whatever i did or didn’t do, but i am actually a nice guy and a family man.

anyway, good luck with your Amazin Wishlist! Good wishes to you and your family. That is all, thank you.

Here is a link to her Paypal Account

UPDATE: sn0wtiger accepted my apology!!!! I am so grateful to her for that, and i couldn’t ask anything more. I wish no more drama on the community, and hate to be the cause of it. I am truly sorry about this mess.

Mods please lock this thread. These are my thoughts, feelings, and wishes. Thank you.

Wish me well in getting better. Thanks =)”

I would like to say that I’m really glad Controllerhead took personal responsibility for his actions and is seeking help. As the person who wrote the original article, I tried my best to stay unbiased and not claim anything I didn’t know as truth. Despite the allegations being true, it’s refreshing to see that he took it in stride instead of the usual reaction from people who do something wrong in the public eye. I think this has regained him much respect and I hope he recovers.

As always, if anyone feels they or a friend or loved one has a problem with alcohol or any other abusable substance, please seek help from a local support group or anonymous forum.

On the bright side, the bonus stream for AGDQ 2014 is on right now after raising over one million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Association.

Last Updated: January 13, 2014

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