Could 3D gaming become a reality?

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3D Gaming... the way of the past?

I posted a while back about why 3D gaming just won’t work and how I can’t see it as the way of the future.

My main reasons for saying this are purely the physical limitations of my own body and were not at all related to the bad quality 3D technology that I had seen previously, however that is a large reason why I don’t expect it to work.

But is it possible that the bad technology has recently taken some huge leaps forward and is now something a lot more plausible? If the mass media corporation SkyNews is to be believed then this is indeed the case.

Apparently for just a couple of thousand Rand you are now able to play Burnout: Paradise City in fully rendered HD 3D… so no more dodgy 3 coloured popups but rather a game with true depth while still maintaining awesome graphics.

I stand by my previous argument though and do believe that this will not move past just being purely a cool technophile fad.

But it’s fun reading about it so click through below and take a look

Source: Skynews

[Thanks to Moegoe for the tip]

Last Updated: February 17, 2009

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