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Could Activision buy Take Two?

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Consummate professional guesser Michael Pachter has put down a pretty worrying prediction, saying that the company could end up buying one of my favourite publishers, Take Two Interactive; the people responsible for Rockstar Games and 2K games.

“Vivendi’s going to screw up Activision for the next couple of years, because they’re going to cause them to borrow money and buy back stock,” Pachter said during a talk at the Game Monetization Summit (courtesy of GI.Biz) “I think the first thing Activision buys is Take-Two, because that fits in very nicely. Activision should buy Zynga – I just don’t think Mark Pincus is a seller. I think Zynga has great assets, they have really good franchises, they have a ton of revenue, and I think run more efficiently they’d make a ton of money. THQ is not investable. Activision and EA make tons of money, so they are interesting investments. Take-Two doesn’t make very much money but they have really great assets, so I think they remain attractive.”

I think the last thing anybody wants is a new Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands every year. Thankfully, current Take Two boss Strauss Zelnick seems dead set against the idea of an annualised GTA, believing it’ll detract from the series’ magic.

In the same talk, Pachter says that he believes that Activision is going to monetise the hell out of Bungie’s new game, Destiny – by charging people to play the game’s multiplayer; something everybody expected them to do with Call of Duty.

“Prediction: The next Bungie game will be single-player only; the multiplayer aspect of that game will be subscription only.Activision’s going to try it, because they’re greedy pigs, and they’re bold,” he said

Last Updated: December 7, 2012

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