Could Destiny add swords to players’ inventory?

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Despite a mixed reception at launch, millions of you are still playing Bungie’s online shooter, Destiny. The first major content expansion is on the horizon, with the Dark Below aiming to deliver on fan’s requests since launch. That’s probably why Destiny’s greatest weapon has a much bigger role to play this time around.

Despite my lack of love for Destiny I can still recall one or two moments of pure gaming bliss. Unsurprisingly, that includes the one moon mission where you’re granted control of a Hive sword, which leads to some insanely enjoyable monster slicing. It’s incredibly fun, and it seems like Bungie realised that too. That’s why swords are back, and possibly a staple weapon in Th Dark Below.

In a walkthrough for the upcoming expansion, which you can check out here, Bungie details some of the new content Destiny players will receive. This includes more heavily story-focused missions, a new Strike that ties into the narrative and an all-new raid. Previously it was suspected that the Hive sword would return in the Dark Below’s final boss raid, but the gameplay snippets shown suggest otherwise. Guardians were hopping all over the place with the goliath blade, suggesting that it could be a regular weapon now.

Speaking of weapons, The Dark Below is also going to feature a generous handful of new death-dealing gear. That means more exotic weaponry to bolster your arsenal, which goes nicely with some of the near armor that Bungie has thrown in as well. There’re also three new multiplayer maps on their way, if you feel like getting your Guardian codpiece handed to you online like I did nearly every time I played.

Bungie is definitely listening to fans with The Dark Below, and it certainly looks far more interesting than I thought it would. Still, it means having to pay extra to possibly get back into a game I left long ago, but for the millions still hooked this does look like a treat? Will you be taking down the Hive on December 9th?

Last Updated: November 24, 2014

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