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Could EA’s special relationship with Xbox change for Battlefront?

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Battlefront is coming. It’s going to lure in the Star Wars fans, and EA keeps promising all kinds of things to make us happy. While we’ll only find out more during E3, part of the reveal is making me wonder about the special relationship EA has with Xbox.

EA Access lets subscribers get early access to games on Xbox. It’s a great way to cement the relationship between the two gaming powerhouses and is yet another sign of how EA and Xbox are in bed together. However, Battlefront is one of the biggest titles coming out of the EA stable and there’s a bit of info over on the PlayStation side of the world that makes me wonder if everything is going well in the EA/Xbox relationship.

Over on the PlayStation blog, there’s info about a community event during E3.

Nearby, you’ll also be able to go hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront, try out the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Experience, and pick up PlayStation gear from the merchandise store. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!

Hands on opportunities at a PlayStation event? Perhaps Xbox will have the same, but I have been looking for information about a similar such opportunity and I haven’t seen anything. Could this be a sign that EA is testing the waters with PlayStation on this title? It would make sense considering the larger install base for PlayStation 4, but it still seems a bit out of character for EA to have an exclusive opportunity with someone other than Xbox. Perhaps it’s just an E3 fling, or perhaps it’s a sign of more changes to come.

Last Updated: June 11, 2015

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