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Could Far Cry 3 be the Call of Duty killer?

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Paying full price for the same game every year

Ever since that Far Cry 3 launch trailer was released in February I’ve been hugely excited about this game and while I’d heard it had a multiplayer section I honestly didn’t really care.

Far Cry is all about the single player experience and that is all I ever wanted.. until now. Now after seeing a Far Cry 3 multiplayer video I am honestly asking the question whether or not Far Cry 3 could dent Call of Duty’s dominance more than Battlefield 3 ever did.

It’s an insane question and without a lot more information and hands on time it’s totally impossible to answer but before you watch this video think back to what you know about Far Cry and answer the question as best you can.

You answered “absolutely no way” didn’t you, great now watch this video.

Okay.. so now? Does it have a chance of stealing some of Call of Duty’s thunder?

The best parts that I saw in this trailer were the ability to motivate your team mates, the fact that knifing is an instant kill but takes a little while and the speed of the game… it looks incredible.

Oh and those match endings, how cool is that? Hopefully there are lots of options including making the guy think he’s going to live only to then throw him off the cliff.

I for one cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of this game and now you’ll just have to excuse me while I drive over to Ubisoft SA and demand to know why we weren’t invited to this early hands on.

Hopefully I don’t spend Easter in lock up… but it’ll be worth it anyway.

Oh the review the guys talking about in the video can be found here

Last Updated: April 5, 2012

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