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Could the future of gaming lie within our Sight?

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Outta sight, outta mind...

What will gaming be like, a decade from now? It’s growing, and it’s slowly infiltrating our culture, so there’s no question that it could one day have an impact on our lifestyles as well, from aesthetics through to motivation. No one knows for sure what the future will bring, but we can take a Pachter guess at it. Such as in this short video, titled ‘Sight’.

A short film from Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, Sight looks at how technology, when combined with gamification elements and social media, could potentially impact on us. And after looking at potential augmented reality contact lenses with their built-in HUDs and downloads, Google can go suck a lemon with that dorky Project Glass of theirs.

Take a look at the video, it’s well worth a watch, as it presents some intriguing ideas and scenarios.

Big thanks to Michael Bekker for the link.

Last Updated: October 16, 2012

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