Could we see a Bungie-Capcom Collaboration?

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Bungie Studios, the home of Halo, recently got a visitor in the form of Keiji Inafune. In case you were wondering, Keiji Inafune is not a type of instant noodle – He is in fact the head of R&D at Capcom, having designed the Megaman Character, and produced Onimusha and Dead Rising.

Bungie and Capcom don’t, to my knowledge, have a working relationship. So then…what the dickens was Inafune doing there?

Just ‘cos, according to Inafune :

Bungie is an amazing studio that has made incredible games. So I was always curious about how they made their games in hopes of being up to add some of the flavour into Capcom games.

Also, I wanted to come down to Bungie in order to see just how well our philosophies on game design matched up. If things clicked, I know it would be interesting to collaborate together on a title in the future.

With Bungie no longer under Microsoft’s thumb, perhaps they’re looking for a new publishing partner in Capcom? Could this see either party’s franchises bolstered by the other’s? Could we see Master Chief and Megaman uniting forces to save the world from a Dr Wily/covenant alliance? With zombies?

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Last Updated: September 16, 2009

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