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Crackdown 3 is a Terry Crews simulator

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WHAT YEAR IS IT? It feels like it was only yesterday when Microsoft announced that Crackdown was getting a third chapter, and then I decided to do some investigating to see the development history of this title and…oh, oh wow that was a long time ago. Why is my hair falling out, are these even my original teeth and why do I have a sudden urge to yell at children for their ability to go to the toilet whenever they want to…

It has been a long and arduous road to Crackdown 3, one that began with an announcement at E3 2014 and saw numerous delays along the way. Honestly, I’m still amped for the title. It doesn’t need to be the best-looking game on the block, merely a satisfying power trip that gives you a sandbox to play in and plenty of explosions to hurl at anyone who gets in your way.

Plus, having the 99’s Sergeant Terry Jeffords as the hero of the single-player campaign, makes for a pretty enticing product. Speaking to Pedestrian.TV, actor Terry Crews divulged a few details on doing the motion capture for the character and injecting his own attitude into the upcoming game:

Crackdown 3 (1)

What’s really strange and different as an actor being on set, is that I’m used to using props. I’m used to grabbing props and grabbing things and, you know, sitting down here and moving over there and kinda seeing the world as it is, and it puts you in your place. When I’m on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as soon as I walk in on that set and it’s the bullpen, you’re right there, it’s kind of easier.

With this video game, with Crackdown, I had all the motion capture nodules all over my body and the markings, and I was in a big giant empty room, so I had to imagine where everything was, and that was hard, that was a whole different thing. They were telling me, ‘oh, these are your people in front of you and this is the button, and the council is here,’ and I was like, what? That was really difficult.

If Crackdown 3 happens to be your first stab at the classic formula of kills for skills, then fret not: According to Crews, you can go into this sequel without having to worry about missing out on any exposition or details from the previous games. “It’s kinda standalone,” Crews said.

Crackdown 3 (3)

You don’t really have to have played the first two Crackdowns in order to be a part of this one. Right now it’s actually, you know, the biggest, most giant, most crazy version, which is a lot like me [laughs]. I tell people it’s the Terry Crews simulator.

Crackdown 3 arrives on February 15. If the sequel doesn’t allow me to stack a bunch of trucks together to create the mother of all ramps that I can drive a luxury sports car up, over and through the face of a goon who totally has it coming to him, then I’m going to be mighty disappointed.

Last Updated: February 5, 2019

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