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Last week, Nick sort of let you know that Halo: Reach generated $200 000 000 in launch day sales. Today, we’ve got more incredible Halo Reach stats for you.

Developer Bungie has revealed that Halo: Reach players have collectively have played the game’s campaign for more than 1000 years. That’s a lot of pew pew pewing!

1365 "Man-years", to be more specific – and that’s discounting any of the multiplayer, which includes another 953 years of matchmade games. Within the next few months, expect that particular figure to skyrocket. The rest of the stats released by bungie look like this :

31,000,000 Games have been played since launch
98,000,000 Player-games have been recorded
8,214,338 Daily Challenges have been completed
255,996 Weekly Challenges have been completed
78,499,560,895 Total Credits have been earned
953 Man-years have been spent in matchmade games
1365 Man-years have been spent in campaign
854,107 files have been uploaded
577,804 recommendations have been sent to friends
4,619,455 files have been downloaded

That’s a whole lotta Halo going on. We all expected Halo: Reach to be an incredible success, but this is a little insane. I can’t help but feel that if all of this energy was focused in to something positive instead of wasted by blowing up Spartans, it would be an incredible force for the good of all manki…Buggrit, let’s just keep shooting at stuff!

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Last Updated: September 20, 2010

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