Criterion – Adding even more to Burnout: Paradise

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I am not good at racing games. I can’t steer, I use walls and other objects to guide my vehicle, and I generally hit in to things a lot. In short, I’m good at crashing – which is probably why Burnout: Paradise is my favourite racer. Well, the hard-working lads at Criterion are about to make it even better; The game will receive a free title update on February 6th.

For me the most important feature – on account of my inability to drive straight – is the oft-requested restart option for races. This alone will save me a fortune in controller and window replacement costs. There’s more though – they’ve added a few more tweaks to keep smiles up, and frustration low.

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In-Game Browser Site (PC and PS3-only)

In a bit of a blow to Xbox 360 users, Criterion will add a PC and PS3 exclusive browser, giving access to something they call the Criterion Games Network. They’re a little mum on what that is exactly, but promise more details later.

In-Game Store

The next major addition is an in-game store, where you’ll be able to purchase new content from within the game, bypassing the PSN store or Xbox live marketplace.

Burnout Paradise In-Game Store

Vehicle dynamics overhaul

The vehicle handling has undergone a substantial overhaul, making the game easier and more accessible for people like me, as cars are now slower, harder to crash and less likely to spin out at low speeds.

Hunter Cavalry

Stunt Run Timer Reinvented

The stunt run countdown timer will now start to count down more slowly, making it easier for novices. Gain more multipliers, and it’ll start to count quicker – keeping it fun for proficient burnouters.

Stunt Run

Rebalanced Events

Burnout Paradise Events

The difficulty of all events has been modified to accommodate all of the other difficulty rebalances.

Road Rage Tweaked

The Road Rage timer has been streamlined – you’ll no longer get time added after you’ve hit the target number of cars.

Road Rage

Vibrant Visuals

The colours of the Billboards, smashes and super jumps have been modified and made to pulse, making them easier to find. The lighting and saturation have been tweaked to make the game more vibrant.

Road Rage

Barrel Rolls for Beginners

Lastly, barrel rolls have been tweaked to make them easier for beginners. They will auto correct their orientation, meaning it’s easier to impress the ladies with your mad barrel roll skills.

Barrel Roll

It’s refreshing to see a developer – particularly one under the helm of EA – continually adding to, and refining a game that’s a year old. And for free, to boot.

Source : Criterion Games

Last Updated: January 26, 2009

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