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Criterion is waving the checkered flag on racing games

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There’s not too many studios out there that can boast a rather impressive line-up of work in just one genre. Fighting games are the domain of Capcom, Rockstar has left their mark on sandbox games and Empire Interactive makes the best Hello Kitty games. Add Criterion to that list, with their rock-solid line of racing games. Except they won’t be doing any driving anytime soon.

After debunking rumours that they would be remaking Need For Speed Underground, Criterion creative director Alex Ward has done some more tweeting via Destructoid, saying that the EA-backed studio will instead pursue a different genre entirely.

Criterion dumping the racing genre is the equivalent of Game Freak tossing Pokemon out the window so that they can concentrate on MMOs. Criterion has been a driving force (Ha!) behind racing games for a decade now, from the ludicrously over the top Burnout series, to their recent work on Need For Speed.

So does that mean that we’ll get to see  a sequel to their 2006 ridicudonk shooter, Black? Nope, says Ward:

It’s kind of strange to see EA allowing one of their studios to go off in a new direction, especially when it’s away from one of their premiere franchises, leaving the racing reigns with Black Box. But at the same time, Criterion has most likely earned that right.

Here’s to the future then for that studio.


Last Updated: April 16, 2013

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