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Crushes never die in Loverwatch – an Overwatch dating sim

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One of Overwatch’s greatest strength is definitely its colourful roster. Each hero is distinct in their look and style, and they’re all packed to the brim with personality. It’s actually kind of amazing how Blizzard have managed to portray the latter with just a few voice lines.

Granted, there’s all that external media (animated shorts, comics, etc) that helps too. What I mean though is that at its core, it’s very easy to get to know one of the characters, how they think and what they stand for for example, just by running around and playing as them.

Overwatch is just an online team-based shooter at the end of the day however, which makes understanding a character on a much deeper level somewhat limited. What is Mei’s favourite meal for example? Or Genji’s biggest fear? I’m hoping the upcoming dating simulator Loverwatch will help me find out.

Lucy Morris, the creator, shared more about the game in a lengthy interview over on Kotaku. Here’s its premise:

So the game is set before everything goes to shit, basically. And the characters that we’re doing the routes for so far, their age hasn’t really been affected by that. Someone pointed out on Tumblr, “What would happen if D.Va was put in?” Because she’d be like five years-old or something, so there’d have to be a time skip if we continue. But yeah, we were just trying to go back to when everything was like glorious and set the story then. And each story has kind of a different premise. It’s based in the Overwatch HQ and, then, going forward.

Basically, you’re going to see and chat to plenty of the Overwatch roster, in a time set long before where the shooter is now in terms of lore. Soldier: 76 for example, I mean, Jack Morrison, will be his youthful blond glorious self, like he was before he became cranky and old.

There are some unexpected characters in Loverwatch too, like Bastion. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never once considered romancing the Omnic. According to Damon Reece, one of the writers on the project, “it’s 100% beeps and boops”. Well ok then.

I’m honestly quite curious to see where this project goes. I’m not one for dating sims, but I think I will definitely find some amusement in Loverwatch. What about you? Would you play it?

Last Updated: September 21, 2016

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