Crysis 2 delayed until 2011

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Crysis 2 - Or Maybe Not

EA has announced during an investors conference call that it will be pushing back Crysis 2’s release from Spring this year, which is in the next month or so, to it’s fiscal Q4 of 2011.

Which in normal speak apparently means early next year.

Crysis 2 won many many awards at E3 this year but I have to admit that I wasn’t overly taken with it as a title and I am not that bothered that it has been moved.

It does make me wonder however if this is the first big casualty of the Halo effect… the strange phenomena that forces good quality games to go running into other release dates or be swamped by a deluge of Halo marketing and fanboys come release date.

*Header image is unrelated but Crysis 2 is sexy and so is she…

Last Updated: August 4, 2010

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