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Crysis 2 Writer Takes Aim at Modern Warfare 2

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Richard Morgan, the sci-fi writer who’s currently penning the story for Crysis 2 has had some less than kind words for the folks at Infinity Ward who wrote the story for their blockbuster Modern Warfare 2.

"I thought Modern Warfare 2 was an immense disappointment," he told CVG.

"[The storyline] made no sense. It was totally implausible. It doesn’t resolve. Basically, all the things that bad storytelling does. I just think they were way too impressed with themselves and that’s always a danger. It’s just unfortunate."

According to him, Modern Warfare 2 was "a massive stepdown" from Call of Duty 4 – and not only because the plot was completely asinine.

"What I thought when I played it was, ‘Jesus guys, what have you been doing? You’ve not ramped anything up. The story is worse and the game doesn’t really hang together, it’s just a bunch of mission levels.’"

So what game’s sequel stands as a way to improve story telling in video games? Why, winner of just about every game of the year award from last year, Uncharted 2, of course! "Everything that didn’t work very well, they fixed or ramped up or did something with," he said. "They really took it to a new place and you can honestly say to people if you played the first game, the second one is the same but better.”

"Modern Warfare 2 is the same but… Way worse. And it cost more money."

I’m actually pretty inclined to agree with the guy. I loved the first Modern Warfare – it presented a credible story, well told. The sequel? not so much. It was as if Michael Bay had gotten hold if it, adding excessive explosions where non were necessary. unfortunately those explosions created insurmountable and irreparable plot holes.

Then again, who buys a Modern Warfare game for the single player and story? It’s all about the multiplayer, right? Pity then that it was so riddled with game-breaking bugs, glitches and hacks to be fun.

Still though – the writing in Crysis 2 had better be top-notch, lest Richard Morgan ends up looking a complete fool. He is an accomplished, award-winning author though – so unless he gets really lazy that’s unlikely to happen.

Source : CVG

Last Updated: April 12, 2010

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  1. Rae

    April 12, 2010 at 15:05

    I agree with him 100%. Infinity needs to recall that game like a Toyota. I was extremely disappointed with this letdown. I returned the game after the 5th update. The hacks are still bad. They took no time with the game. They will be lucky if I buy the third install. I consider myself a real gamer and when you put garbage out like that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


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