Crytek PWNS Free Radical… Uh, Literally.

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In a move that has both the people at Crytek and Free Radical smiling, Crytek has officially bought Free Radical and will be rebranding it as their fifth development studios.

Crytek’s man in charge, Avni Yerli seemed very happy with the acquisition and had the following to say:

“Free Radical Design is a great fit to Crytek and its culture, given that Free Radical has a proven track record on delivering high quality games,”

I take it that he hasn’t played Haze. More after the jump.

While Free Radical has had a fairly good run with it’s TimeSplitter series, it’s latest PS3 offering Haze was met with abysmal reviews and huge amounts of disappointed fans worldwide. Crytek on the other hand is still enjoying loads of success.

After selling the rights of the sleeper-hit Far Cry to Ubisoft, they went on to develop the awe-inspiring technical achievement called Crysis, as well as it’s expansion Warhead. They are know looking ahead, and are seeing a great future with Free Radical:

“The combination of this team, the Crytek network and our CryENGINE technology will be a foundation for outstanding gaming experiences and a magnet for the best talent in the UK.”

Free Radical will now go by the name of Crytek UK. Good luck to all of them, we all know that in these times of crisis (no pun intended), it is great to hear that they were bought rather than getting more news of even more closures.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: February 5, 2009

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