CS:GO eSport scene suffers another controversy at DreamHack

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DreamHack Winter 2014 took place this weekend, bringing some top teams together to battle it out for some amazing loot (MONEY). Unfortunately, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene suffered a blow just a few days before the start of the tournament thanks to three of its top players being banned for hacking. That wasn’t the last controversy though. In one of the event’s quarterfinal games, a team used a questionable tactic to gain an advantage which helped them pull off an amazing comeback. They then went on to forfeit.

The match in question was between LDLC and Fnatic, where the score was 13 – 3. Fnatic were losing quite solidly and had a tough road ahead of them, so they made use of boosting to give them access to a really good vantage point. The enemy team really wasn’t prepared for it. Here it is in action. Watch from about 06:41:00 (via PC Games N).

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Boosting itself is not necessarily illegal (as far as I know). This particular spot on the map Overpass is unheard of though, giving a huge visual advantage. LDLC were completely caught out, and Fnatic went on to win the game in an incredible comeback.

Except that people weren’t happy with them or the boost, referring to it as an exploit. Just take a look at this Reddit thread which has generated much hate for the team.

Before DreamHack officials could determine if it was illegal or not, Fnatic forfeited. They published an apology on their Facebook page shortly after (via HLTV)

“Yesterday we competed against LDLC, in one of our toughest matches of the year. However, the result caused a considerable distraction from the joy and excitement that a CS:GO Major should provide the community.The best matches are still to come, and we want to make sure they get the attention they deserve. With tremendous respect towards the CS:GO community and other teams we have decided to withdraw from the tournament.

Fnatic and the players would like to thank everyone who helped us become, and we look forward to play many events to come.

– Fnatic players and management.”

I really don’t know how I feel about this. If boosting is allowed, surely Fnatic should then be applauded for their innovation? For comparison sake, let’s look back at The International, the biggest Dota 2 event. Na’Vi used the Pudge fountain hook trick to pull off an amazing comeback when they were down too, in a semi-final if I’m not mistaken. Some people were upset, but for the most part, people applauded them for their ballsy plays. Valve patched that trick shortly after. The same scenario is surely comparable to this CS:GO drama?

Following the forfeit, LDLC went on to win DreamHack. How do you feel about this? Have Fnatic completely lost your respect? Or was it perfectly fine for them to make use of this “exploit”?

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Last Updated: December 1, 2014

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